bike2thebeat Community

We at bike2thebeat love to be involved in the community. We have several local businesses that offer their support to our studio and we are currently working towards building up our Fitness Ambassador Team. We also know how important the local schools and school districts are to the community. Don’t be surprised to see a bike2thebeat gift package at any of the many school fundraisers within the Irvine, Tustin, and Santa Ana School Districts. We love to help our Kids!!

We Give Back

It is OUR goal to GIVE BACK to the community by hosting benefit rides throughout the year. By doing this, we hope to raise awareness for causes that will not only benefit our local communities, but will also make a positive impact for charities on a national level.

We are currently organizing additional charity Rides.  Please revisit out website to view upcoming charitable events. We encourage you to take part in these rides and HELP make each calorie you BURN count.

PAST BENEFIT RIDES:                                                       ANNUAL DRIVES:

Mommy and Me Cancer Ride                                                           Blanket and Bed Drive for Our Local Animal Shelters

Chrohn's and Colitis Ride                                                                 Women's Transitional Living Center Personal Necessity Drive



Taps is a 5 star restaurant located in the beautiful Marketplace, just across from bike2thebeat.  It's a great place to grab a bite to eat, or just relax with a glass of wine. They have professional staff, a high end atmosphere, and both indoor and outdoor seating.  We know quality, which is why Taps is one of our favorites.  Remember to tell them that bike2thebeat sent you!  You won't be disappointed.

Located just across the parking lot from bike2thebeat, Christopher Perry is a full service salon with beautiful amenities. They know good service and they understand your needs.  You work HARD to get your body in shape...let our friends at Christopher Perry complete your LOOK so you can feel your absolute BEST!