What Is Special About bike2thebeat?

The success of bike2thebeat is due to our unique style of cycling. We ride out of the saddle the entire class while offering you a full body workout. Our first focus is on your riding form. Keeping your chest and back at the proper angle not only enhances your workout, but keeps your body feeling healthy and happy. Our classes take place in a club-like setting while we ride to the beat of the music. Your attention to our style of riding is important. This is why you’ll ride in the same direction as your instructor, making it easier to follow their lead. At bike2thebeat, we work hard to make you feel your best. When you ride at bike2thebeat, you are experiencing something great!

Is bike2thebeat for Any Level of Rider?

YES! All of our classes are geared for any level of rider, beginner to advanced. The great thing about our classes is that we give you the room to take it slow, or go all out!  We recommend with your first few classes that you focus on your form, break a good sweat and enjoy the experience!

How Many Calories Will I Burn at


A lot!  In a typical 50 minute class, riders will burn anywhere from 550-900 calories, depending on your body type and shape.  We have personally seen the positive effects of our high calorie burn workout in many of our customers.      

When Can I Reserve a Class?

The schedule comes out every Sunday at 4PM!  Pick your classes and Book your favorite bikes ASAP, they go fast! If you see a “W” next to the class you want, that means there is a waitlist. We recommend you go ahead and sign up on the waitlist. Your chances of getting a bike are very GOOD!

How Does the Waitlist Work?

If you’ve added yourself to the waitlist you will get an email confirming that you are on the waitlist. If you get a bike in that class, you will get a 2nd email confirming that you got into the class along with your Bike #. We encourage showing up for class even if you haven’t received the 2nd email. We will always do our best to get you in!

Do I Need to Check in for Class?

YES!  For your first time, please see the front desk for self check in instructions.  They will show you how the self check in works , how to find your bike on the map, and ask you to fill out the first time rider waiver.  Please make sure you always check in, so you are not marked as a "No Show". Thank you.

Do I Need Special Shoes?

For safety reasons and to go with our style of riding, we require that you clip into our pedals. When you register online, your first shoe rental is absolutely FREE! After that, you may rent shoes for $2 per class. If you wish to purchase shoes, we sell them in the studio. If you wish to purchase them outside the studio, we recommend a flat bottom road shoe compatible with LOOK cleats. Our pedals are compatible with both LOOK and SPD cleats.

What is Our Cancellation Policy?

We have a 12 hour cancellation policy for class. If you cancel class before the 12 hours the class will go back into your account. If you cancel after the 12 hours the class will be subtracted from your account. If you have an "unlimited package" you will be charged a $5.00 no show fee.

Should I Add My Card to My Account?

There are many reasons why you should add your credit card to your account. Renting shoes, purchasing future classes, or buying packages is made easier. Also, we sell a variety of bike2thebeat merchandise and this can be done by simply charging your account.

Do You Have Water at the Studio?

YES!  We have an alkaline water dispenser at the studio. Bring your own water bottle and help yourself! Forgot your bottle? No problem…we also have bike2thebeat reusable bottles for purchase if you need one. In an effort to reduce plastic waste, we try not to provide non-reusable plastic water bottles. However, we do keep a few on hand in case of an emergency.

Do My Classes Expire?

Depending on the package you purchase the expiration dates vary, from 45 days from purchase, to 60 days from first use.  Please see the package details for when classes expire.  We understand things come up, but we ask that you adhere to the policy that’s set per package.

What If I Am Late to Class?

If you are running late to class you may run the risk of your bike being given away.

Can I Bring My Children to the Studio?

While we love children, we are a Kid Free Zone. This is to allow the adults to enjoy their own PLAY time and focus on their workout!

Are Ear Plugs Provided?

YES! Because we ride in a club-like setting, bike2thebeat can get loud depending on your level of sensitivity.  That’s why ear plugs are provided free of charge for every class!

Do You Have Showers?

Yes.  We are fully stocked with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and bath towels.  Razors are available upon request.  

Is bike2thebeat Safe for Someone Who is


Yes. Many of our customers have taken classes throughout their pregnancy.  But as with anyone who may be riding with a medical condition, please check with your doctor before taking any of our classes.