About our Studio

Keep track of your heart rate and calorie burn for each of your classes. Our system, fit metrix, lets you create an account, and keep track of all of your class activity. Click the link here to set up an account:

The system is fully automatic, so that it is on when you come to class, and will stop when class is over. You will be sent an e mail, with your daily results, approximately 10 min after the class is over. 

Your account will store data for all of your classes, so you can see how you progress over time. It will work with all fitness trackers, except Apple Watch and Fitbit. Sorry, but that is just how the system works.

A good tracker is the Mio LINK Heart Rate Monitor Wrist Band, which Amazon sells for about $70.00. There is no cost, to you, our customers to use this system. We provide it as a service to all of our customers. All you need to do, is create an account, using the link above, put in your information,
and your heart rate device number, and you are all set. The next time you come into class, your heart rate and calories will be sent to you in an end of class summary e mail.

We have a limited number of "Loaners", so if you would like to try it out, before you purchase your own, come early and ask the front desk to lend you one for class.  We know you will enjoy this little added feature.