They call her the BOSS, but she's best known as the glue that holds bike2thebeat together.  It's her love for SPIN and MUSIC that led her to open the studio in Tustin, which thanks to the AMAZING team of instructors and staff, is growing by leaps and bounds. Hayley takes pride in the warm, inviting atmosphere that the studio generates and she wants you to know that YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

When you SPIN with Hayley, you'll be sure to get an awesome workout. She's a firm believer in "what doesn't break you,  makes you STRONGER" and we love the way she brings this to the podium.  She's passionate about exercise and believes that one should break a good sweat EVERY DAY!  Using both her music to FUEL you and her infectious personality to encourage you, she'll get you through class like it's "no big deal"!  You will WORK, you will SWEAT, and you WILL feel AMAZING about yourself!    Music Favorites:  EDM, Hip Hop, Remixes    

Fitness Motto:  Don't look back, unless you're checking to see how FAR YOU'VE COME!    


Known at the studio for his no-nonsense attitude and ultra-fit physique, Alan shows up to WORK! He’s also one of the first cycling instructors to hit the OC, and he’s taught spin for over 20 years. Armed with his own love for teaching and a personal desire to stay in shape, he just loves sharing his philosophy for healthy living with the community. And if being hot, healthy, and fit isn’t enough, he also has an educational background that includes a Bachelor of Science degree AND an MBA!!

When he’s not teaching at bike2thebeat, Alan enjoys sky diving, mountain climbing (hello Mounts Whitney and St. Helens), trap shooting, and entering Spartan races.

Music Favorites: Pop, House

Fitness Motto: Your legs are NOT giving out…your head is giving up! KEEP GOING!!


Her natural ability to teach, motivate, and guide, are the reasons why Jill has “unofficially” adopted the role as our “Newbie” Instructor. She has a big heart and a determined spirit. And if you’ve had an opportunity to talk with her, then you already know what an amazing lady she is. Inside the spin room, Jill makes sure it’s all about YOU. She knows your goals are important to you and she understands how hard you work to reach them.  She will encourage you every step of the way and one BEAT at a time!

When she’s not teaching, this wife and mother of 3 is also a business owner who understands hard work with a “never give up” attitude. Don’t be surprised if you run into her outside the studio at a high school football game, or supporting the local community at local events.

Music Favorites:  Pop, Rock, Old stuff, New stuff

Fitness Motto:  Get your head straight!


Meet Brittany, our little “Girl on Fire” and your next ultimate work out. She’s sweet as sugar and 100% dedicated to your workout. Brittany will work with you, keeping you focused and strong so you can be up and out of that saddle for the entire 50 minutes.  And with a background in dancing and cheerleading, she knows just how to get you on that BEAT!  Her beautiful personality will keep you Motivated, and to top it off, she’s got a heart of GOLD!

When she’s not teaching at bike2thebeat, you can find Brittany hanging in the gym with her two besties, Megs and Sara.

Music Favorites: Hip Hop and EDM

Fitness Motto: Mind over Matter. It’s amazing what the mind achieves when you use the willpower to ACHIEVE what your mind BELIEVES.


Meet Chelsie, our lucky addition to this team of awesome instructors and proof that brunettes are the ones having more fun!  She's sweet and adorable, and she's DEDICATED to giving you the best of her so that you can enjoy the BEST of YOU. Spin with Chelsie and you’ll fall in love with her “girl next door” style, her beautiful attitude, and her inspiring playlists.

When she’s not teaching spin, she likes to spend time going shooting and blowing off steam on the dance floor. In fact, she uses dance as a way of reconnecting with her fun and creative side. She loves to spend time with friends, listening to music, and occasionally having a “rap battle” with Brittany. She enjoys hiking, beautiful views, and keeping fitness at the top of her list.

Music Favorites: Hip Hop, EDM, Remixes, and ROCK

Fitness Motto: 


This Arizona native splits his time between the O.C., where he goes to school at Chapman University, and his home town of Tempe, AZ, where he also teaches spin at a local studio. Lucky for us, Matt loves teaching spin at bike2thebeat too! Come ride with this hottie and see why everyone’s talking about his cool vibe, motivational spirit, and his “party on a bike” attitude. Dropping playlists like they’re hot, Matt is truly one of a kind and we are so blessed to have him!

When he’s not at bike2thebeat, you can find Matt hanging out with friends, hittin’ the books, and spreading around his “live a good life” attitude.  And in the vacation seasons, you’re more than likely to find him teaching spin at The Madison, in his hometown of Tempe.

Music Favorites: Pop, Remixes

Fitness Motto: Do this because you CAN!!

Jean Maree

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful lady, you are missing out! She’s one of bike2thebeat’s natives and she’s been teaching spin for over 17 years. Known for her fun and furious playlists, Jean Maree loves to train you hard to help get you that body you’ve been working for! Get on BEAT with Jean Marie and get prepared for an exciting class that will challenge both your body and mind!

When she’s not teaching at bike2thebeat, Jean Maree loves to spend time with her children and traveling with them to their sporting events, which sometimes take her around the country! Put it up for this very hands on MOM!

When asked why she loves to teach spin, she said, “I love the workout, the sweat, the music, the interval training, the movement, and MOST of all…the energy from the spinners!”

Music Favorites:  Anything that gets that blood pumpin’

Fitness Motto: Love life and believe that you CAN!!


This is Lisa!  She's sweet, a little spicy, and totally in control.  As a former athlete, Lisa understands the work that goes into training and conditioning your body.  Now, as an instructor, she uses this as motivation to get your body in beach ready shape.  Her style is no-nonsense and her rhythm is infectious.   You’ll never regret a minute you spend in her class and you’ll kiss every calorie you burn “goodbye”!

By day Lisa is Marketing Director for a cyber security and holdings company. She loves cooking, baking, eating…pretty much all things food related. She also loves cross training and uses this as an opportunity to keep her amazing body in even better shape!

Music Favorites: EDM, Hip Hop, and R&B

Fitness Motto: Just ride it like you stole it!!


She may be the youngest member of our spin family, but age has no relevance when it comes to Caitlyn. She’s STRONG, she’s dedicated, and she’s one-TOUGH-cookie! When you take Caitlyn’s class, you’ll automatically feel how important it is for her to give you the BEST work out. She’ll guide you and push you to get outa that saddle and right on BEAT with her. And who could ignore her adorable little laugh and sweet personality!! We just love her to pieces!

When Caitlyn isn’t taking the podium, you’ll find her tearin’ it up on her snowboard, hiking, playing volleyball, going to the beach, and spending time with her family (who are among her best friends). All of this and she still has time to keep up with her studies.

Music Favorites: Anything that makes you want to move your body and get up and DANCE!

Fitness Motto: No Pain, No GAIN!!


Lindsay’s classes are going to make you fall in LOVE with bike2thebeat! Using her playlists like a weapon to fuel your work out and get you moving, she’ll inspire you with her motivational words while she takes you from one song into the next. Her spirit is strong, her mind is in it, and her body is ready! If you came to sweat, then you came to the right place!

Some of Lindsay’s favorite things to do besides spinning at bike2thebeat are dancing, taking over the dance floor, and you guessed it….more dancing! She loves music, spending downtime at the pool and playing fixer upper with her biggest project to date, her new house.

Music Favorites: Anything that I can dance to; Hip Hop, R&B, Classic Rock, and all things POP!

Fitness Motto: Don’t wish for it, WORK for it!

Ashley T.

You’re going to love getting sweaty with Ashley! It was her passion for working out and her desire to get in shape that brought her through the doors of bike2thebeat. Using her own amazing results as a vehicle to catapult her into instructor training, Ashley worked hard until she was ready to take that podium. Now, strong and fit, and with a “never gonna quit” attitude, Ashley is ready to teach you ALL the right moves!

When she’s not at bike2thebeat, you can find Ashley spending down time at the beach with her two little cuties (a boy and a girl), dancing, hiking, and trying out new places to eat. She loves concerts, enjoys traveling and is very passionate about keeping date nights with her hubby at the top of her list.

Music Favorites: Anything you can SHAKE your TAILFEATHERS to!

Fitness Motto: Never say NEVER! Your goals are so much closer than you think!


Ooohhh have you met Mariya?! First thing that comes to mind is what an AMAZING human she is! We just love her and we think you will too! She’s built TOUGH, built to LAST, and she’s a click away from giving you one of the best work outs in the O.C. Motivation is her mantra and building up confidence is her gift. Spin with Mariya and let her take you all the way to the finish line.

Mariya loves to spend her free time kickboxing, lifting weights, trotting the globe (she’s got that travel bug), going to local concerts, and tasting local brews. She’s also extremely talented, and spends her time producing creative digital content.

Music Favorites: Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Remixes, and Electronic

Fitness Motto: You don’t get the a** you want by SITTING ON IT!


Can we just say how much we love this guy and how happy we are that he joined our team?! Casey's kind heart and good energy can be felt the second he walks through the door and he truly enjoys getting to know his customers. Don't be surprised if your hello is returned with his signature big smile and a hug. And if you're looking for some encouraging words, he's YOUR guy! So what can you expect when you're riding with Casey? Expect to SWEAT, expect to HUSTLE, expect crazy amounts of POSITIVE ENERGY, and most of all expect to WORK! Ride with Casey and feel the magnitude of his powerful mind, body, and spirit.

Casey spends his free time working with photography and the arts and his love for the outdoors comes alive when paddle boarding, hiking and hanging out at the beach.

Music Favorites: EDM and Remixes. Any music with that loud distinct BEAT that makes you wanna pedal hard!Fitness

Motto: "Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. At bike2thebeat, we are creating the BEST version of ourselves.


PROOF that you CAN'T keep a GOOD woman down is none other than Ruth! Empowered by her desire to work hard and sweat harder, she spins at an inspiring rate of speed. She's smokin' HOT with a whole lotta heart and soul. Her love for spin started as a spark that she's turned into a flame and now uses to light up the podium. Though she's totally in the driver's seat, Ruth won't leave you behind. Her goals are simple...she wants you to meet YOURS and she'll coach you all the way to the finish line!

When Ruth isn't getting you ready for that beach body, she absolutely loves spending time with her beautiful family and her cherished girlfriends. She takes fashion seriously (#fashionista), loves sunsets, the beach, and feels a strong connection with the ocean (#mermaid). We just love her to pieces!

Music Favorites: HIP HOP, Throwbacks, Whatever moves you!Fitness Motto: "When you feel like quitting, think about why you started!"


Please help welcome to the family our newest instructor, CASSIDY (aka SASSIDY) WALKER! Congratulations Cassidy on passing your audition and a huge WELCOME to TEAM bike2thebeat!! We just love you to pieces! Look forward to Cassidy subbing on the schedule very soon.